Aaron is down in town running some errands and ran into this hot, hairy ski bum. After chatting a bit, it’s clear he’s perusing the mountain town for a quick bareback load.CumClub.com - Tight Fucker Aaron suggested they surprise Seth back at the house. He explains that Seth is always down for planting his big load in a furry, cum-hungry hole. They head back to the house. As soon as they arrive, Aaron tells the dude to get naked and pop his ass in the air while he fetches Seth from upstairs. Seth comes downstairs and is super excited to see this dude ready and waiting for a raw load.

Seth wastes no time, gets his cock nice and hard and proceeds to mount this hot fucker. Uh oh, this may not be an easy one… CumClub.com - Tight FuckerSeth struggles a bit to get his cock in. This dude has a really, really tight fuck hole. It’s like he’s never been fucked before. Seth tries a few times again. Holy shit! Seth gets his cock in and it feels like the dude’s ass is clamped down. Seth goes slow trying to loosen up the hole. Nope. For a minute Seth thinks this may not happen. But damn, with a dude wanting a load literally on the tip of his dick, Seth is going to do whatever it takes to deliver a load inside this dude’s ass! Seth keeps working away on this dude’s hole.

Seth squeezes a bunch of pre-cum out of his shaft & uses his fingers to coat the ski bum’s hole with the clear, slippery natural lube. CumClub.com - Tight FuckerSeth mounts him again, and this time, the pre-cum does the trick. He’s able to get all the way in. Yes! It’s still really tight, but totally doable. Anyone who’s been fuck by Seth Chase knows, he’s not going to stop until you get his seed deep inside you… Knowing someone this tight may not be able to take a lot of thrusting, Seth eases in and after a few minutes of gentle fucking, he’s able to go in deeper and deeper.

With the sole goal of planting his load, Seth gets ready to unleash his semen. Just as the cum starts to flow, he pulls out & shoots the first stream of cum on the dude’s pulsating hole. CumClub.com - Tight Fucker Seth then sticks his cock back in. The sensation of pushing his jizz into this hairy hole is amazing! The rest of the load spurts out of Seth’s cock deep into this Tight Fucker’s ass. Seth thrusts a few times making sure his DNA is planted and there to stay. With his ass getting filled with Seth’s huge load, this Tight Fucker shoots his own load all over his hairy belly. Hot as fuck!

Seth pulls out and his cock glistens with butt-juice and cum. CumClub.com - Tight FuckerThe load starts oozing out of this Tight Fucker’s ass. Aaron, still holding the camera, plays with some of the load and pushes it back toward the leaking fuck hole.

This hairy Tight Fucker got exactly what he wanted, a big creamy load, deep inside his guts. This was one nice surprise for Seth too!

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CumClub.com - Tight FuckerCumClub.com - Tight FuckerCumClub.com - Tight FuckerCumClub.com - Tight Fucker

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