- Young, Hung, Leaking Cum! - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum!Taylor delivers two hot cum shots directly to Aaron’s mouth & face!

We had a great time shooting with 21-year-old Taylor; he’s young, he’s hot, he has a full man-bush and he gets super rock-hard. Perhaps, best of all, he’s full of cum that us cum-lovers are after the most. - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum! - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum!Starting out, we had Taylor lying on the bed stroking his cock and showing off his tight body. After some self-tugging, Taylor teases Aaron by squeezing out a good amount of hot clear pre-cum.

Once Aaron saw the pre-cum, he knew it was time to put Taylor’s throbbing cock in his mouth. Taylor was really ready for a blowjob. 30 seconds of sucking and Taylor blew a healthy load; no warning. It’s all good though as there’s plenty more jizz where that came from. Aaron had a nice time sucking up all the surprise cum and continued sucking on Taylor’s dick making sure it was nice and drained.

1st load swallowed! - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum! - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum!We all chatted about taking a break so Taylor could recharge and go for cum eating session number 2. During the downtime, we joked around, & took some snapshots of Taylor.

After Taylor was all recharged and ready shoot off another load, Aaron went in for the feast. We thought it was good that Taylor lay back and relax for the second half. Aaron went to work, Taylor got really hard again. Thankfully this BJ lasts longer than the first.

You really get some great shots of Aaron working over Taylor’s cock and seeing Taylor’s great facial expressions too! - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum! - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum! Taylor said that he was getting close and instructed Aaron to keep doing what he was doing and “I’ll come again”. Aaron obeyed and was rewarded with a second spunk ejaculation.

Aaron continues to suck Taylor’s cock as it spurts fresh warm semen into his mouth. Aaron swallows it all. He then squeezes the throbbing cock, milking out and licking up every last drop of cum.

2nd load swallowed!

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More Preview Images - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum! - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum! - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum! - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum! - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum!

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  1. precumpiggy

    Not only does Taylor look like one of my first biggest crushes, but he is LOADED WITH PRECUM. A huge shiny drop of precum spilled right out of his excellent cock onto the sheets beneath every hard inch. The extremely talented and sexy Mr. French drains his hairy nuts of every creamy rope of cum he’s got… A definite Cum Club Classic.

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