Bareback in Bordeaux | Breeding a "Condoms Only" Bottom

Bareback in Bordeaux | Anonymous Double Breeding

Our travels continue in France and this time we meet up with a sexy black dude who’s name and face shall remain anonymous. He said he wanted to suck some white American cock. He said he wasn’t sure about fucking and that when he does fuck, he always uses condoms. […]

Fucked, Bred & Fed

While in Portugal, Aaron & Seth were checking out who was online around them and this dude popped up and said he wanted to get fucked by both of them. Hummm. The guys asked if they could film it. He said yes and that he wanted to be waiting ass-up […]

Anonymous Jizz -

Anonymous Jizz

Time for another hot cum swallowing video. Aaron is at it again. He has lined up another faceless & nameless dude for Seth to devour. You’ve seen him do this a couple of times before in order to quench Seth’s appetite for new, fresh loads. Seth lights up when he […]

Anonymous Fucker -

Anonymous Fucker

A month or so ago we released “Dreams Cum True” featuring an anonymous cocksucker feeding on Seth’s cock and big cum load. The moment we finished that scene the masked anonymous dude told us he was so horned up having just swallowed Seth’s load that he’d love to bust his […]

Dreams Cum True -

Dreams Cum True

A long-time fan & site member contacted Aaron & Seth stating he’d love to be in one of their videos. He’s a huge fan of cum-swallowing videos and has long had a desire to take a load on video. He especially has dreamed about taking & swallowing one of Seth […]

Skater's Raw Nut -

Skater’s Raw Nut

When Cade last appeared on CumClub, he squirted his load down Seth Chase’s throat. He immediately showed interest in doing more so we set up a fuck shoot. Boy, are we glad we did! We get right to it with Seth first loosening up Aaron French’s hole so young Cade […]

Eat That Nut! -

Eat That Nut!

A super hot cum swallowing video is in store for the latest CumClub update. Caden was initially nervous about showing his face so we created an impromptu disguise, a hat and sunglasses. Does that do the trick? Not really, but it made him feel better and he ends up losing […]

Aaron’s Raw Gangbang

Time to get some guys together and fuck! Sometimes you just never know who is going to show up for a group fuck/gangbang. Part of the excitement of an anonymous gangbang is the randomness of it all. Taking loads from multiple, anonymous dudes is a dream of many. Lucky Aaron […] - Tight Fucker

Tight Fucker

Aaron is down in town running some errands and ran into this hot, hairy ski bum. After chatting a bit, it’s clear he’s perusing the mountain town for a quick bareback load. Aaron suggested they surprise Seth back at the house. He explains that Seth is always down for planting […]

Film This Fucker! - Public Restroom Breeding -

Anonymous Quick Breed – Public Restroom

Aaron and Seth were out shopping at a downtown pedestrian mall when they hop into a public restroom to take a piss. Just as Seth finishes his pee, some random dude walks in. At first, Seth didn’t think much of it, just another dude using the bathroom. That is until […]

Anonymous Group Feeding

Anonymous Group Feeding

A cum lover’s dream come true! Sucking cock while blindfolded with men lined up, ready to blow their loads down the cocksucker’s throat. Multiple anonymous loads at once! Could it get any better than this? Young, old, thin or thick, average Joe or drop dead gorgeous. It’s all about eating and […]

Anonymous Pump-n-Dump

Anonymous Pump-n-Dump

Driving around the city checking out his hookup app, Seth gets a message from some young dude located just a couple blocks away. He said he wants Seth to come to his basement apartment, come in the unlocked door, find him face down and drop a raw load. Enough said! […]

Swallow That Big Load! -

Swallow That Big Load!

Filming of this scene featuring myself and this straight 1st timer we’ll call “Rick”, came at the end of a long day of shooting. I’d already filmed several other scenes and sucked off & swallowed one other guy a bit earlier in the day, so I was a bit spent. […]

Swallowing Straight Friends

Swallowing Straight Friends

We first met super-hairy, straight stud, Jesse when he came in looking to shoot his load down the throat of a hungry cock-sucker. He had so much fun feeding his load to Aaron French that he’s back, looking for more. This time he brings his best friend, Leo, who is […]

Anonymous Cum Sucker

Anonymous Cum Sucker

There’s something super hot about anonymous hookups. You know, getting your nut off with a guy and not even knowing his name. In this case, not even seeing his face until after the cum had been sucked down and swallowed. Shortly after arranging this hookup online with Brandon (the cocksucker), […]

Big Cock Surprise

Big Cock Surprise

So it’s springtime in the city and Aaron & Seth were out enjoying the beautiful day. The guys were sitting outside eating lunch on a busy pedestrian mall. Aaron notices this super hot guy walking by. They make eye contact and Aaron bluntly asks him, “would you be willing to […]

Uncut Hairy Load

Uncut Hairy Load

“Uncut Hairy” made it very clear that he wants to stay anonymous because he’s pretty much straight and didn’t want his friends to find out he got his cock sucked by a dude. Most guys show up nervous, but not “Uncut Hairy”.He arrives and immediately put his crotch to Aaron’s […]

Married Load Relief -

Married Load Relief

This is the exact kind of guy we had in mind when we thought up “Cum Club”. A married straight dude looking to bust his nut in someone’s mouth… No questions, no set-up. We have only one rule: aim for the cock-suckers mouth! Walk on up, whip out your cock […] features MEN FUCKING BAREBACK/RAW, SWAPPING LOADS & SWALLOWING CUM
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