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COMING UP: San Diego, L.A., Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC…

Appear with Aaron French and/or Seth Chase in a cum swallow or raw sex video. We work with tops, bottoms, versatile, gay, bisexual, and straight men aged 18-50(ish).

While we will work with the occasional porn star, regular everyday men (amateurs) are more of what we’re looking for.

We shoot one-on-ones, 3-ways, couples, group cum swallow & raw gang bang/breeding scenes. Let us know what you’re up for.

Please submit your info below. When our travels bring us to your area, we’ll give you a shout. Be sure to also visit this page & follow us on Twitter for location updates.



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Performer contact & personal info is held in strictest confidence. We do not sell, trade or otherwise share info with any third parties. We will not send marketing or other non-shoot related material to your contact addresses unless you sign up separately for those or if you join our website(s) as a member.

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