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Seth is such a master cocksucker that it’s great to see him show two straight guys what a blow job should be!
Cum Club Member – 2020/02/21


I really, really like this site only regret is I’m older than I care to be or I would volunteer to help shoot these videos or help lick the stars clean. lol Thanks for the great entertainment!
Cum Club Member – 2020/01/09


I could watch aaron cum all day, it’s the whole reason I joined. Watching aaron get so turned on doing what he does he can’t hold back get me off. Would love to watch a video of aaron trying to get off as many times as he can in one day.
Cum Club Member – 2019/10/29


Your videos are so great…
Cum Club Member – 2019/09/08


About showing the guys face when cumming… your solution using the window in a window is genius. On a side note, I would love to swallow every last drop of Seth’s load anytime. I’ve seen some be overwhelmed by his volume of cum, I assure you I would not. 😉 Just Sayin
Cum Club Member – 2019/06/27


I’ve said it before and I will say it again. You guys have the best site out there. Everything is so real life. None of that fake movie script crap with all of that fake moaning. It gets so boring. I find myself not being able to get through those scripted movies and they soon become all alike. Your work is superb and you have fun with it too. That comes across. You are doing a very good job at keeping it fresh. My hats off to you. Also, that Tyler is quite the character.
Cum Club Member – 2019/06/27


All I can say is “wow”!! Perfect interaction between you guys. Also beautifully shot. Real life is what it is all about and it was very powerful. Just what I, and I am sure many others have waited for. Thank you.
Cum Club Member – 2019/04/18


The chemistry between you is awesome. As I said before your videos are real life, not that fake staged crap.
Cum Club Member – 2019/04/06



New to site. Great site guys — production values, camera work, replays, you’ve surpassed many of the major sites.
Cum Club Member – 2019/04/04



You guys hands down make the absolute best videos because they are real life, not fake… I get so tired of hearing all of that staged moaning from other sites.
Cum Club Member – 2019/03/04



Thank you again for an awesome site where you watch the video its entirety without fast forwarding through boring monotony.
Cum Club Member – 2019/03/04



I love the vibe of this club and am in for the long haul.
Cum Club Member – 2019/03/02



Love the outdoor stuff. Like how you two have fun with sex. It’s refreshing. Some guys are so serious and intense with it comes to sex, they need to chill. It’s actually a turn-off. You guys know how to mix it up to keep it fresh & fun. Always looking forward to your next video.
Cum Club Member – 2019/02/15