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You’ll lust after Ethan. You’ll laugh at his adorable personality. Then you’ll bust a nut watching Ethan fuck & feed Aaron his tasty load!

Day 1: Ethan’s giant dick surfaces from his pants and Aaron gets right to work on it. Ethan lies on the bed and gets a blowjob from Aaron. When we decided to wrap up his cock for some fucking, we encountered a “technical” difficulty with the large size condoms we had intended to use. Yes, that’s right, condoms are used in this video. However, not to worry! Ethan feeds his load to Aaron who eagerly swallows every drop of cum. - Fuck Me! - Feed Me! - Fuck Me! - Feed Me! We also get Ethan to fuck raw in an upcoming video. So, we moved on to the extra large (XL) which were long enough but not nearly wide enough. As you’ll see, Ethan’s cock is not only long, it’s really, really thick too.

So that ended the shoot for the day. Aaron & Seth then scrambled to hunt down some really big condoms and were able to find the largest XXL condoms manufactured. - Fuck Me! - Feed Me! - Fuck Me! - Feed Me!Day 2: We were set to go; we had the giant condoms, we had lube, we had Aaron’s mouth and manhole ready and waiting…

Aaron wraps his mouth around Ethan’s dick and works on getting him nice and hard. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ethan pulls his dick out of Aaron’s mouth, grabs it, and squeezes as hard as he can. He can’t hold back and, cum spurts everywhere! Not exactly what we had planned! What can you do but laugh, right? So we did, and brought Ethan back for a third day of shooting. - Fuck Me! - Feed Me! - Fuck Me! - Feed Me!Day 3: We didn’t waste any time on day 3, Aaron gets Ethan hard by sucking on his dick. We slide on the humongous condom and Ethan slides his unit deep inside Aaron’s hole. Aaron was writhing in pain at first. He relaxes after warming up a bit allowing Ethan to pump his thick meat in and out of his ass. Aaron really gets into it now and gets on his back with his legs in the air. Ethan really like this position and continues stuffing his big dick balls-deep inside Aaron’s asshole. - Fuck Me! - Feed Me! - Fuck Me! - Feed Me!Ethan continues riding Aaron until he starts to cum. He jumps up, places his fat cock in Aaron’s face just in time for his nice sized load to land on Aaron’s mouth and lips. Aaron goes in for more being sure to suck out all the fresh jizz this massive throbbing cock can pump out.

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