We first met super-hairy, straight stud, Jesse when he came in looking to shoot his load down the throat of a hungry cock-sucker. Swallowing Straight Friends - CumClub.comSwallowing Straight Friends - CumClub.comHe had so much fun feeding his load to Aaron French that he’s back, looking for more. This time he brings his best friend, Leo, who is also straight and happens to be married to a woman.

You see when Jesse told Leo about how a lot of gay dudes will not just suck their straight cock, they’ll also swallow their entire cum load, Leo just had to experience it for himself.

Leo has just one reservation: being afraid that his wife could somehow find out, he isn’t willing to show his face while getting a blow job from another dude. No problem there, Leo, all we really need is your hot cock and cum. It doesn’t hurt that Leo has a great body too…

Enter Seth Chase, a skilled cock-sucker always willing do down a load or two (or ten) of fresh warm spunk… Jesse and Leo are standing side-by-side as Seth drops to his knees. The guys reveal their packages and lucky for Seth, Leo is already semi-hard. It seems this married straight dude is super excited to get sucked off by a gay guy.

Seth sucks both guys, getting their cocks nice and hard. Both Jesse and Leo start to pre-cum and Seth squeezes out the clear semen. He licks it off both dick-heads then continues to service these super hot straight guys.Swallowing Straight Friends - CumClub.comSwallowing Straight Friends - CumClub.com

Standing and laying down, Seth gives these guys a blowjob like only a gay guy can. Leo starts quivering as if he’s about to shoot his load. Seth backs off just a bit to get in some more cock sucking time. Seth really is enjoying devouring these straight guys and wants it to last a little longer. It’s not everyday one gets to suck off two straight dudes at the same time…

After some more cock-slobbering and face-fucking, both guys are getting close to shooting their loads and Seth is so excited & ready to take it.

Seth sucks on Leo until he senses his load is about to drop. Leo takes over stroking his cock, pointing it right at Seth’s face. Suddenly, cum starts flying everywhere. Seth opens his mouth trying to catch as much cum as possible. With most of Leo’s load landing on his face, Seth takes the cum-dripping, spent-cock, down his throat.

Swallowing Straight Friends - CumClub.comSwallowing Straight Friends - CumClub.comNow it’s Jesse’s turn to feed Seth. Having just witnessed his best-friend shoot his load all over Seth, Jesse is ready to pop. Seth positions himself directly in front of Jesse and opens wide. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Leo standing next to Jesse with his cock going soft and dripping more cum. Seth sucks the last droplets from Leo, then gets back into position to catch Jesse’s load.

He’s making a point to get every drop of Jesse’s cum shot directly in his mouth, mixing it with some of Leo’s load and swallowing every drop. Right on queue, Jesse blasts Seth’s mouth with a really big load. One shot of jizz actually pops Seth right in the eye. Like a true cum swallowing pro, Seth keeps his mouth open and you can see the creamy white semen collecting on his tongue.

Seth swallows the two-man cum-cocktail, then shoves Jesse’s spewing cock down his throat. Cum continues to flow down Seth’s throat, into his stomach. He releases Jesse’s cock only when he’s sure he’s swallowed every drop of his man-juice.Swallowing Straight Friends - CumClub.comSwallowing Straight Friends - CumClub.com

Full of semen & sperm from two hot, straight men, Seth is in a cum-fueled state of ecstasy & the straight guys are left weak in the knees.

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Swallowing Straight FriendsSwallowing Straight FriendsSwallowing Straight FriendsSwallowing Straight Friends

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