Anonymous Cum Sucker - CumClub.comThere’s something super hot about anonymous hookups. You know, getting your nut off with a guy and not even knowing his name. In this case, not even seeing his face until after the cum had been sucked down and swallowed.

Shortly after arranging this hookup online with Brandon (the cocksucker), Aaron informed Seth that he had a guy coming in to blow his dick. Anonymous Cum Sucker - CumClub.comWhen asked who he was, Aaron told Seth it was going to be a surprise. There would be no introductions and no talking beforehand…

Seth arrives for the shoot and was shocked to discover that this guy Aaron brought in to suck his dick was blindfolded and ready to go. So right on queue, Seth walks up and in a matter of seconds is having his knob slobbed by some mystery dude.

Anonymous Cum Sucker - CumClub.comSeth gets hard almost instantly. Brandon takes Seth’s raging boner all the way down his throat. The guys switch and now Seth is sitting down. He leans back and lets Brandon have his way with his cock.

Seth stands up and face fucks Brandon making sure to pound the back of his throat. The excitement of some unknown dude deep-throating him is really making it hard for Seth to hold back.
Anonymous Cum Sucker -
Brandon sits on the floor & pops his head back. It’s like he was signaling to Seth that he was wanting to take his load in his mouth.

Seth strokes his cock and suddenly huge streams of cum shoot straight into Brandon’s wide open mouth. He swallows and Seth continues to release more semen all over his mouth.

Anonymous Cum Sucker - CumClub.comThe stream of jizz seems to be never-ending. It’s like Seth was extra turned on by having this anonymous dude swallow his load, that he wanted to make sure he got the full experience of one of his massive cumshots.

Brandon sits up and takes Seth’s still cum spewing cock in his mouth and down his throat. He continues sucking until he’s sure he’s consumed every last drop of Seth’s big load.

Anonymous Cum Sucker - CumClub.comSeth slides his cock out of Brandon’s mouth and says “that was amazing”. Brandon takes off his blindfold and the guys make eye-contact for the very first time. They both laugh at this amazing introduction.

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