Anonymous Group FeedingA cum lover’s dream come true! Sucking cock while blindfolded with men lined up, ready to blow their loads down the cocksucker’s throat. Multiple anonymous loads at once! Could it get any better than this?

Young, old, thin or thick, average Joe or drop dead gorgeous. It’s all about eating and swallowing as much semen and sperm as possible.Anonymous Group Feeding

Seth does a great job sucking off these three strangers. On his knees with cocks slapping him in the face, you can tell he’s really eager to get all the loads into his body.

Seth works all three cocks. Edging each guy closer and closer to spurting their loads

Anonymous Group FeedingWhen the guys are ready to bust their nut, Seth positions himself to catch the ropes of cum right in his mouth. Not being able to see makes this a challenge he’s eager to take on. The first guy starts to unload. Seth can feel the droplets of cum land on his face. He opens his mouth wide making sure to get some of the jizz in his mouth.

The second dude starts erupting and Seth is better positioned to catch this load. He gets most of it in his mouth and swallows before sucking the cum out of the dude’s shaft. This load is especially tasty and he makes sure to get another squirt of cum down his throat.

Time for the third load! Seth releases the cock from the second dude and is ready for more. The third dude steps up and unloads in Seth’s mouth. Seth swallows and takes the dripping cock in his mouth. He then takes the other cocks in his mouth being sure to suck out any remaining droplets of semen.Anonymous Group Feeding

With his stomach full of cum from three anonymous dudes, Seth can’t help busting himself. He gets encouragement from the three spent guys, jacks his cock and shoots his load all over the floor. Trembling in ecstasy, Seth rips off his hood & mask and finally gets to see the dudes. Fuck yeah! Three studly men delivering nice loads down a hungry cocksucker’s throat. This is the Cum Club!

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  1. hi i have request gay porn
    i want a porn of 3 men suck 1 dick at the same time until cum on them POV
    and i want you add this category to your gay porn site too “triple blowjob”
    (3 men suck 1 dick)

  2. Yum!!! I would love to line up 5 guys an go down the line an suck an drain each cock than swallow all of their cum on the last guy!! I bet it would taste so good!!!

  3. I want to be in that video

  4. I would love to be relaxing at an all male steam room and find myself down on my knees sucking cock after cock. Anyone from oregon? Steams?

  5. That is my fantasy, have many guys lined up waiting to fill both holes!! IRV

    • I too would love to experience this!
      The first load I swallowed, I got lucky it was thick, sticky and apt it tasted so good as I played with all of it before I swallowed it down! Now I seek that with every cock I suck!!!

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