Driving around the city checking out his hookup app, Seth gets a message from some young dude located just a couple blocks away. He said he wants Seth to come to his basement apartment, come in the unlocked door, find him face down and drop a raw load. Enough said!

Anonymous Pump-n-DumpJust minutes later, Seth arrives barely able to contain his boner. He opens the door and hears a voice saying, “back here”. He heads toward the voice and starts undressing. Seth peeks around the corner and can barely make out the dude laying there. Seth says to the guy, “you mind if I film this”. The guy says, “uh, I dunno man, I’ve never been filmed before”. Seth says, “it’s alright man, I won’t get your face, I don’t even want to see your face”. The guys says, “ok then, give me your load”!

Seth grabs his camera and hops up on the bed. He fingers the dude’s ass adding a tiny bit of lube. Seth hops on and starts riding this little dude’s hairy, sexy ass. He gets his cock inside pretty easy, making him wonder if there are other loads in there already.

Anonymous Pump-n-DumpSeth rides this skinny dude for a while then makes sure his bareback cock is nice and deep when ready to shoot his load. He shoots deep in this dude’s guts. His cock pulsates inside the dude’s ass releasing at least four squirts of cum.

After unloading, Seth thrusts a few times to make sure his load is planted nice and deep. Watch as this bottom pushes back on Seth’s cock making sure he gets every drop inside him.Anonymous Pump-n-Dump

Seth slides his cock out, throws on his clothes and bolts.

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