Walker is one hot and sexy man!

He has beautiful eyes and a very handsome smile that has charmed us since first meeting him. Aaron French was up next to service this stud. As you’ll see, Walker enjoyed his servicing very much.CumClub.com - Country Boy Cum Swallow

Walker started out telling us what he likes as far as sex goes and Aaron was ready to grant every one of Walker’s desires. Aaron starts out kissing and licking Walker’s hot masculine body. Walker was hard from the get-go.

CumClub.com - Country Boy Cum SwallowWalker is one of those models that respond, genuinely; he moans and grunts, licks his lips and pinches his nipples with every touch. Aaron works on Walker’s nips and chest before taking off Walker’s drawers to expose his hard-on.

Walker strokes Aaron’s back and neck wanting more sucking! He exclaims how good it feels as Aaron makes his way to Walker’s hole. Walker gives up his ass and lets Aaron tongue fuck his tight manhole. Walker REALLY likes Aaron rimming his butt; Aaron really liked eating it!CumClub.com - Country Boy Cum Swallow

As you’ll notice, Walker kept his legs spread for quite some time so that Aaron could really get a good taste of his ass. He groaned louder and louder with each lick. Walker then stands on the bed for some good old face fucking.

CumClub.com - Country Boy Cum SwallowWalker enjoyed Aaron deep throating his dick. Walker pinches his nipples while Aaron plays with his butt hole. Aaron continued to work Walkers cock with vigor. When Aaron slapped Walker’s dick on his face, Walker seemed to get extra excited.

Walker asks for his balls to get sucked so Aaron obliged; even getting both balls in his mouth. Aaron continues to suck and Walker grabs Aaron’s head and pump fucks Aaron’s mouth.

Aaron then starts to work on Walker’s nipples while sucking and Walker really liked that. However, Walker made another request that Aaron munch on his butt again. So, Walker gets on all fours and shows off his hot hole as Aaron goes to town.CumClub.com - Country Boy Cum Swallow

Aaron continues to lick Walker and stroke his cock. Walker’s head buried in the sheets wanting more and more. “Fuck Yeah”, Walker yells out. Finally, Walker is ready to blow his hot load.

Walker stands up as Aaron sucks. Walker tweaks his nipples getting him closer to giving Aaron his jizz. Walker gets close as Aaron begs for his cum. Walker explodes his load onto Aaron’s face and into his mouth.

CumClub.com - Country Boy Cum SwallowThis was one hot suck off session! Walker was amazing to work with and we cannot wait to get him back in front of your eyes again. Enjoy!

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CumClub.com - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum!CumClub.com - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum!CumClub.com - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum!CumClub.com - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum!CumClub.com - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum!CumClub.com - Young, Hung, Leaking Cum!

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