- Bushy LoadAnton is a hot 21 year-old guy that loves to have his cock sucked. Anton shares a little about his male-on-male experiences before the action starts. He was eager to get going so Aaron dropped to his knees and exposes Anton’s thick cock surrounded by a full untrimmed man bush.

As Aaron sucked, Anton’s hand finds it’s way to the back of Aaron’s head. He guides Aaron’s sucking to go deep as he trusts his cock against his face.

Anton then relaxes by laying down on the bed. Aaron takes his place between his legs and continues to suck - Bushy Load

Anton then asks for some rough pulling of his cock. He then wanted Aaron spit on his cock, over and over. Aaron was more than happy to fulfill his requests.

Aaron makes a mouth tour of Anton’s package; leading his tongue up and down his hairy ball sack. Anton then lifts his legs so Aaron can munch on his furry butt hole. - Bushy LoadAnton then wanted more aggressive spitting on his cock. With each spray of spit Aaron applied, Anton’s hardon got more and more stiff. Anton wanted it aggressive and that’s exactly what Aaron delivered.

After some heavy sucking and spitting, Anton was ready to blast his load. With little warning, Anton yells, “here it comes!”. His first squirt of cum is a direct hit to Aaron’s mouth. The rest lands on Aaron’s tongue and face. It wouldn’t be an “Aaron Blowjob” if he didn’t eat up all the cum; so he licks, slurps and swallows every drop of jizz! - Bushy Load

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