This is the exactly kind of guy we had in mind when we thought up “Cum Club”. A married straight dude looking to bust his nut in someone’s mouth…

No questions, no set-up. We have only one rule: aim for the cock-suckers mouth! Walk on up, whip out your cock and get your rocks off in the mouth of an eager cum-swallowing cock-sucker.

This time Seth is the lucky one to take the load. He sucks on this dude’s thick meat for a bit. He can tell this guy isn’t going to last long as his pre-cum totally tastes like cum. It’s not the kind that tastes pretty much like nothing. Oh, no, this guys clear pre-cum has a distinct semen flavor. This really gets Seth turned on and he whips out his own cock so he can pump out his own load.

So this guy is going to nut pretty fast. That’s totally OK by Seth. His job here is to collect the cum and that’s exactly what he does . This straight load donor takes over and starts jacking himself, aiming for Seth’s face. Just as the cum starts to fly, Seth opens wide.

Streams of white cum shoot right into Seth’s mouth. He keeps his mouth open trying to collect as much of the load as possible. One burst of cum hits Seth in his left eye. Then another hits his right eye. Seth doesn’t care, he just wants to get as much of this dude’s cum inside him and wishes this feeling of ecstasy could last forever.

Holy shit! This load just keeps on going… Seth’s not complaining! He can feel more warm cum land on his face and in his mouth. He swallows everything and takes the still spurting dick in his mouth sucks out every last drop.

There must have been 10 jets of cum spurt out of this dude’s thick cock, on to Seth’s face, in his mouth and down his throat.

Having just swallowed so much cum, Seth busts his load all over the floor.

A satisfied, drained straight dude and a cock-sucker filled up & topped off with his cum. Perfect!

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