1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.comWhen we mentioned to Walker that we were going to begin filming fuck scenes again, Walker was all over it! He’s been sucked off several times by dudes here at Cum Club. Now he’s ready to step it up a notch and fuck a guy in the ass.

Since Walker already felt comfortable with Aaron, he suggested that Aaron be his first guy to fuck. Walker’s personality really starts showing in this video. He cracks some jokes and is pretty funny in the pre-fuck chat.

When his pants come off, true to form, Walker is already puffy and ready for the pre-fuck blowjob. Walker motions to his balls wanting Aaron to work them over a bit. He does just that to every inch of Walker’s sexy musty man crotch!1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.com

Aaron plays with Walker’s nipples and proceeds to then lick and bite which he really seems to love! Walker shoves Aaron’s head to his cock and makes him deep throat. He then thrusts Aaron’s mouth with his cock.

1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.comAaron makes his way to Walker’s hole and begins to tongue fuck it. He licks and kisses Walker’s butt sending him into ecstasy.

After some more head, Aaron has Walker sit on his face so he can get a full taste of his manhole. Walker squats over Aaron and bobs his ass on Aaron’s tongue. Walker is now getting tongue fucked by Aaron! Both guys are in heaven!

Walker puts his cock back in Aaron’s mouth and asks if he wants to fuck. Aaron gets on all fours; Walker wastes no time, sticks his dick in and the fucking begins! Walker spreads Aaron’s 1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.comcheeks so you can see his cock going in and out. Walker fucks Aaron’s hole and spanks his ass as he drills harder and harder.

The men move to the sofa for more hole fucking. Walker pumps his cock in and out of Aaron, then dives in really deep.

1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.comThese two hot fuck machines move it to the floor. With Aaron’s legs in the air, Walker climbs on, thrusting with all he’s got. Aaron plays with his nipples and we get to see Walker’s amazing ass flex as he pounds Aaron hard.

Walker then puts Aaron on the sofa. He continues to pound away until he can’t hold back. Walker pulls out and hovers over Aaron’s mouth. He blows a hot load all over Aaron’s mouth, tongue & face.1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.com

Cum is everywhere! This was one hot fuck scene. Now that Walker has a taste of fucking a dude in the ass, something tells me he’ll be back for more…

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1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.com1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.com1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.com1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.com1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.com1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.com1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.com1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.com1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.com

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