Uhhh, You're Good at That! - CumClub.com

“Uhhh, You’re Good at That!”

Trevor, a 20-year-old, ultra-good looking, straight guy, told us he’s never shot his load in anyone’s mouth before and has never been deep-throated, or even had his balls licked. Not even by a chick… He swears he has never touched or been touched by a dude in a sexual way. […]

Hard-n-Hairy Butt Fuck - CumClub.com

Hard-n-Hairy Butt Fuck

Ex-military man, Craig, shows up for a suck off video and gets his hiary ass fucked by Seth Chase instead! Craig sucks Seth’s dick getting it nice and hard. Wow, Craig really knows how to suck a cock! Just look how hard Seth gets. You know that’s a sign of […]

Swallow Every Drop - CumClub.com

Swallow Every Drop

Alexander is the newest hot guy to join the Cum Club. This hot 22 year old has a nice fat dick; perfect for sucking on. Seth Chase was eager to wrap his mouth around Alexander’s big schlong. Seth gets right down to business, unzips, and starts working on Alexander. In […]

Anonymous Hookup - "Load My Fucking Mouth Up!" - CumClub.com

“Load My Mouth Up!”

Two massive cumshots are in store in this anonymous cum swallowing video! We’re frequently contacted by guys wanting to take part in the Cum Club. In this particular case, the dude sent some photos and said he would love to gulp down a big load on video. Anytime we hear […]

Hot-n-Beefy Fuck - CumClub.com

Hot-n-Beefy Fuck

Aaron and Chad start out joking about who should be more nervous about the butt-fucking about to ensue. Aaron has Chad lie back on the bed, relax and get some head. After a few minutes of sucking on Chad’s dick, Aaron was ready to get some of that thick rod […]

Scruffy Ginger Load - CumClub.com

Scruffy Ginger Load

Welcome 24-year-old Evan to the CumClub! Evan is a handsome Southern gay guy that loves to have a good time. We decided to bring him up from the city to our secluded mountain getaway. On the drive up, Evan shares a little bit about what he likes. Turns out he […]

Sucking Young Cum - CumClub.com

Sucking Young Cum

Finally, I get my turn to work over super hot, 23-year-old, Taylor Hamilton! You see, earlier in the evening Taylor was sucked off, not once, but twice by my lucky partner, Aaron French. For those shoots, I was left working the camera with a raging boner in my pants. Taylor […]

CumClub.com - Tight Fucker

Tight Fucker

Aaron is down in town running some errands and ran into this hot, hairy ski bum. After chatting a bit, it’s clear he’s perusing the mountain town for a quick bareback load. Aaron suggested they surprise Seth back at the house. He explains that Seth is always down for planting […]

Muscle Stud Drained - CumClub.com

Mouthful of Muscle

Shane’s here to have his ass eaten, dick sucked & his cum swallowed. Shane starts out by telling us about his experience fucking JJ; his first gay fuck ever! Shane then shows off all the years of hard work he’s put into his body. Really though, Aaron was just after […]

1st Gay Fuck & Feed - CumClub.com

1st Gay Fuck & Feed

When we mentioned to Walker that we were going to begin filming fuck scenes again, Walker was all over it! He’s been sucked off several times by dudes here at Cum Club. Now he’s ready to step it up a notch and fuck a guy in the ass. Since Walker […]

Film This Fucker! - Public Restroom Breeding - CumClub.com

Anonymous Quick Breed – Public Restroom

Aaron and Seth were out shopping at a downtown pedestrian mall when they hop into a public restroom to take a piss. Just as Seth finishes his pee, some random dude walks in. At first, Seth didn’t think much of it, just another dude using the bathroom. That is until […]

Big Cock, Big Facial - CumClub.com

Big Cock, Big Facial

Alexander is a hot ginger with a large cock just begging for a good blowjob. Aaron’s mouth was watering just waiting to get a hold of this guy’s man meat. With Alexander relaxing on the sofa, Aaron moves in to give an amazing blowjob. Aaron takes off Alexander’s pants and […]

Anonymous Group Feeding

Anonymous Group Feeding

A cum lover’s dream come true! Sucking cock while blindfolded with men lined up, ready to blow their loads down the cocksucker’s throat. Multiple anonymous loads at once! Could it get any better than this? Young, old, thin or thick, average Joe or drop dead gorgeous. It’s all about eating and […]

Breeding a Fan (Kyle) - CumClub.com

Breeding a CumClub.com Fan (Kyle)

Kyle is a CumClub.com member and has been messaging us saying he’d love to appear in one of our videos taking some loads. We hit it off with Kyle so well that we’ve actually shot several raw-fuck & suck-off videos with him. Look for those soon. In Kyle’s first video, […]

Straight-Load for Cum-Lover Quinn - CumClub.com

Straight-Load for Cum-Lover

In this video, we have paired up Walker and Quinn, a super-hot straight-country-boy & an eager cum-loving cocksucker. Walker starts out relaxing in a chair as Quinn begins the exploration of Walker’s hot & hairy body. Walker really likes his nipples played with and Quinn went right for them; teasing […]

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