More than a Mouthful -

More than a Mouthful

Aiden is a sexy 26-year-old former military man with amazing eyes, one hell of a cock and a super tight hole. This is Aiden’s very first time on video and we are sure you are going to be very impressed with him and his gorgeous huge hardon! Aiden begins his […]

Fit, Young & Uncut -

Fit, Young & Uncut

Ashton is a hot 19-year-old straight guy that wanted to see what it was like to get a blowjob from a guy. Ashton has a gorgeous face and nice lean/fit body and a big uncut cock. This is Ashton’s first time shooting an adult video and we’re pleased to feature […]

Turkish Gay Cum Swallow -

Turkish Cum Swallow

Do you have an appetite for big juicy loads? You’re going to love this video… Jaron is a handsome & horny straight guy who’s never been with a guy before. He loves sex so much that he thought he’d have no problem popping off a load when getting sucked off […]

Young Cowboy Cum -

18 y/o Cowboy Cum

Kyle is a 20 y/o bisexual guy with, as he puts it, an “overpowering cum fetish”. Calvin recently turned 18. Ever since he’s been of legal age, he’s been eager to appear in a porn video. This matchup is great, with Kyle the cum lover eager to swallow a load […]

Smooth Young Spunk -

Smooth Young Spunk

Meet 19-year-old Jacob. He’s straight, very chill & very adorable. We rarely go out seeking models in public places. Guys almost always come to us looking to suck or fuck on video. So how we met Jacob was a little unusual for us. Just by chance, Jacob was introduced to […]

Thick-Cock / Thick-Load Swallowed! -

Thick-Cock / Thick-Load Swallowed!

Colton contacted us about appearing in videos for Cum Club. He said he was packing a thick cock and usually shoots quite a large load. Aaron immediately knew Colton would be a great addition to the club. Colton arrives and meets Aaron & Seth for the first time. Aaron tells […]

POV Service -

POV Service

23-year-old Talen joins Aaron French & lends a helping to give Seth Chase an awesome duel blowjob; POV. Talen gets the video started by taking off Seth’s pants, whipping out his cock & and immediately starts sucking. Talen licks the tip and sucks on the shaft with expert skill. Aaron […]

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut -

“Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut”

25-year-old Trace is back and he’s ready to fuck Aaron French hard and fast. This is actually Trace’s first time on video. We did release (out-of-order) a really hot suckoff video of him a while back. If you’re into Trace, (what’s not to like?) then you’ll definitely want to check […]

Double Dose + Cum Lube -

Double Dose + Cum Lube

We have a fantastic facial update for you this week! Seth and Walker both get sucked off & swallowed by Aaron. Walker and Seth both drop their pants; we left in some footage of the guys joking around before Aaron moved in. Once Seth’s hardon was in full effect you […]

Hung! Hairy! Hot! -

Hung! Hairy! Hot!

Tyler, 21 years old, hung, hairy & hot! Thick too, we should definitely mention that his cock is super-thick and is a real mouthful. Tyler, in his quirky way, tells us all a bit about himself just before we get to the cock-cucking. One might notice that Tyler is not […]

"Dinner Served" -

“Dinner Served”

Walker is one hot stud with a great sense of humor. He’s really comfortable in front of the camera and is constantly cracking jokes. He’s back in the hot-seat for a rockin’ blowjob. Seth Chase was ready and more than willing to suck the warm goodness out of Walker’s nuts. […]

Aaron’s Raw Gangbang

Time to get some guys together and fuck! Sometimes you just never know who is going to show up for a group fuck/gangbang. Part of the excitement of an anonymous gangbang is the randomness of it all. Taking loads from multiple, anonymous dudes is a dream of many. Lucky Aaron […]

Straight Jock Jizz -

Straight Jock Jizz

Ben, a 21-year-old straight, super-hottie, drops into the Cum Club to donate some jock jizz. This was Ben’s first time on camera so you may notice that he was a bit nervous & super quiet. That’s no problem, we’re not really looking for a lot of conversation. Really we’re just […]

"Tastes Like Cum" -

“Tastes Like Cum”

Quinn has previously done some videos for us with a couple of different guys. He loves cock and loves cum even more. He said he was super eager to get at another big load & would love to suck off Seth Chase this time around. No problem Quinn. Seth is […]

Big Cock Cum Swallow -

Big Cock Cum Swallow

Wow! Fucking Wow! is the best way to describe Ethan Ever. After feeding his load to Seth in the woods, Ethan is back to unload again and we couldn’t be happier! When we meet with a guy that wants to work with us, they normally must have two of the […] features MEN FUCKING BAREBACK/RAW, SWAPPING LOADS & SWALLOWING CUM All ready for streaming & download the member area!